Privacy Policy

Software Innovation Community is a closed service for Software Innovation’s partners and customers. To get access, you must register yourself as a user.

During registration, you enter your name, organization’s name, country, position, telephone number, and your work email address.  A look-up is then performed in our customer and partner register to ensure that you are granted appropriate access, and to verify customer/partner relationship. All information entered during registration will be visible for users logged on to Software Innovation Community.

Your email address may be used by Software Innovation in order to send you relevant information about Community and our products, as well as for market research purposes.  You can unsubscribe by sending an email to

You can deactivate your Software Innovation Community user at any time by sending an email to  If you resign from your organization, or your organization terminates its customer/partner relationship with Software Innovation, your account will automatically be deactivated by Software Innovation.  If your account is deactivated, information you have published will not be deleted. This can be comments or entries of other sorts.

What you published will not be used for other purposes without your further consent, with the exception of input and ideas you have shared related to Software Innovation’s products and services.  Software Innovation holds the right to use such information free of compensation to the user.

Software Innovation cannot be held responsible for the contents of what customers, partners, and other external parties write on Software Innovation Community.

Usage statistics are logged for Software Innovation Community.

General Terms of Use

In Software Innovation Community you will have access to documentation related to our products and our development plans.  This documentation is made available for your use only.  It is not permitted to distribute outside of your organization.  Information on Software Innovation Community is subject to applicable non-disclosure agreements.

Our development plans are published with the purpose of showing the overall direction of our product development.  The plans communicated are in no way binding for Software Innovation.  There may be variance between what is planned and what is realized in actual product changes and launches.   

Software Innovation is not responsible for errors that result from a partner or customer following documentation published on Software Innovation Community.

Privay declarations and the general terms of use will be updated and we recommend that you re-read them after updates.  You will receive notification of changes.  Last revision was 3. mai 2012

If you have questions about Software Innovation Community, contact us at